Automatically Copying Configurable Product Information to Associated Products in Magento

Automatically Copying Configurable Product Information to Associated Products in Magento

Magento is arguably one of the best storefront platforms on the planet. However, entering and configuring products, especially when your catalog is integrated with your in-store point of sale system, is not easy. We believe we have simplified the process of adding products to Magento by developing a handy little extension that automatically copies down configurable product information to their associated simple products.

Magento’s simple and configurable products provide a world of flexibility for retailers, allowing them to sell and merchandise their products how they see fit. However, retailers are busy and often need to enter products into the catalog as fast as possible, while still providing useful and relevant information to consumers. Many times this information is the same for both the configurable and their associated simple products. Additionally, retailers often forget to enter those oh so important SEO fields in Magento because they reside on a separate configuration screen and require retailers to reenter information they just entered on the previous screen.
To combat this practice, Modern Retail has developed an extension that automatically takes the vital fields from the main configurable product and copies them to all simple products associated with that product. No longer do you need to manually copy, for example, the product name to the associated simple products. Additionally, users will no longer ask why is the information not consistent between the configurable and associated simple products. Finally, the extension automatically populates the SEO fields in Magento whenever you change the product name and description!
Modern Retail will be making this extension available in the Magento Marketplace for free in the near future. However, if you’re looking for it now please drop us a line and we’ll get it to you.


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