Save Money Using Free UPS Shipping Supplies

Save Money Using Free UPS Shipping Supplies

Great, you made a web sale, now you have to ship it. One of the many wonderful features that our storefront platforms offer is UPS integration, which allows you to create shipping labels and track packages with ease. That being said…shipping supplies can be very expensive. By taking advantage of all that UPS has to offer, you can save a significant amount of money on shipping supplies.
While reusing shipping boxes saves money and is good way to recycle, it doesn’t look very good to the customer when they receive a beat up box. It makes them question the quality of the product they just ordered and the vendor who shipped it. If you don’t have a UPS account think about getting one. Or maybe you have a UPS account, but didn’t know this little secret. One of the great benefits of having a UPS account is that they supply you with FREE Shipping Supplies, all you have to do is order them.
Ordering your supplies couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is login to your UPS account at and place your order. Not only that, they’ll deliver your shipping supplies right to your door, at no extra cost for shipping. We’re talking small to large boxes, bags, tags, labels, stickers, and so much more!

Free Shipping Supplies Available:

Blank shipping forms and COD tags
Shipping Labels and Stickers
Packs, Boxes, and Tubes
Self-adhering plastic pouches for shipping labels
Shipping documents
General packaging material
Pre-Printed Forms
Next Day Air and Second Day Air shipping forms pre-printed with your address and account information
Air Freight Supplies

Keep in mind that when you order your supplies it takes UPS about 2 business days to process and deliver your supplies. Another great thing about using UPS is they don’t have a limit on the amount of supplies you order – perfect for your booming business. UPS supplies can be used for any type of shipping: Air, Express, Ground, and so on. So if you don’t have a UPS shipping account, think about getting one – and if you do – help cut your costs by ordering your shipping supplies through UPS.


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