ShopTab: Easily Post Your Products on Facebook


ShopTab is an easy to use service that helps you post your products on Facebook. This no-nonsense website allows you to submit your product catalog to Facebook using one of the following formats: CSV, XML, Google Product or Amazon. Once uploaded, ShopTab takes over and sends your products to Facebook but gives you control over how they are displayed and formatted.
Shop Tab Art Effect FaceBook PageI especially like how you can display your products in a grid format and have control over various options like inclusion of Pinterest and Twitter icons, as well as allowing consumers to post comments directly on their Facebook wall. You’ll be surprised how many consumers post pictures of your products on Facebook asking for style advice from their friends.
Of course ShopTab also gives you the ability to include a “Buy Now” button, allowing consumers to be taken to your website where they can make their purchase. Finally, marketing types will appreciate the inclusion of Google Analytics which allows you to track how many visitors are coming to your site from ShopTab and how many ultimately make a purchase.
Special note to agencies. ShopTab has a very useful “Multi-User” option for agencies and e-commerce service providers. Modern Retail uses this feature to configure and send the product catalogs for our clients. As the name implies, we have complete access to all our client’s accounts at ShopTab allowing us to tweak the settings on their behalf as ShopTab rolls out new features and functionality. We have also found ShopTab’s management team and support to be top-notch – it’s great to find a partner willing to work together to help improve a store’s exposure and sales.


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