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In the world of retail e-commerce, selling product is only half the battle. In order to truly succeed, your customer needs to be satisfied with the product as well as the timeliness of the delivery. Let’s assume that your product is great and the delivery goes smoothly. What can you do to improve the process?

Moogento_PickPack_avatarIf you have a Magento e-commerce site and are processing multiple orders, you can use Moogento’s PickPack extension to improve your fulfillment process. Magento is a great platform for e-commerce, and while it does include invoice and basic packing slip capabilities, it may not have all the information that you need to pull orders.
Additionally, if you pull off of invoices, that requires you to charge your customer as soon as the order is placed, rather than when the order is ready to ship. If product is out of stock with a long delay, you may be forced to contact the customer and refund the charge until the order is available. This can be embarrassing and decrease customer satisfaction.
On a side note, at Modern Retail, we can integrate your point of sale system and your Magento e-commerce site so that they share information, allowing you to avoid selling out of stock items all-together.
Moogento’s PickPack extension addresses the fulfillment issue by allowing you to create 3 different Pick Lists to facilitate picking and packing, 2 themed packing sheets, as well as a CSV export of selected orders (complete with product attributes). The extension includes:

  • Moogento-order-separated-pick-listOrder Separated Pick List – list is separated by order
  • Order Combined Pick List – list is separated by product
  • Order Combined Out of Stock List – list shows what is available as well as what is out of stock
  • Packing Sheet – this is an alternative to the default invoice and can be customized to fit your needs

One of our clients had unique needs that weren’t addressed by Magento or the standard Moogento PickPack extension. Some of their requirements included adding configurable product SKU’s, their logo plus tagline, product size, color, and on-hand quantity. We worked closely with Moogento and were able to create a solution that completely met our client’s needs. Throughout the process, we found Moogento to be easy to work with, very responsive and highly capable.
While we can’t help you with your product quality or your delivery service, Moogento’s PickPack extension can help you improve your order fulfillment process – which in the end can boost your customer satisfaction level and in turn, future sales.


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